Hildegardo Joya “Japo”

Being close to the sea makes Japo a joyful and honest man. His personality is reflected through his raicilla carefully crafted with Agaves native to Cabo Corrientes grown for 12 to 25 years.

Santos Juárez

Santos (left) is dedicated full time to his family and work. Santos and his family live in Toliman, Jalisco. This region could possibly be the birthplace of Mexican distillation. His mezcales are born and processed within the volcanic soil and fermented in stone the same way they did over 500 years ago.  

Aciano Mendoza

A native Mexican from the Tepehuano’s community at the border of Jalisco, Nayarit and Durango who follows the tradition of doing this spirit most of the time for ritual purposes. He and his family prefer to stay isolated from the western culture.

Jorge Pérez

One of the most daring mezcal producers in México. Like an alchemist, Jorge experiments every possibility all in the name of finding an interesting mezcal. Enthusiastic and humble, Jorge represents the spirit of a Michoacan producer.

Don Lorenzo

Lorenzo Virgen is part of at least a 3 generations of mezcal legacy. On his lands, he has more than 10 varieties of Agave. On the horizon, you can see Colima’s Volcano, the very same landscape he is teaching his grandsons and grandaughters how to make mezcal.