Cascahuin Aniversario

Cascahuin Aniversario is a celebration of one of tequila’s greatest budding legacies. 2019 marks the would-be 100th birthday of Don Salvador Rosales Briseño, founder of Destileria Cascahuin, and the father and grandfather of the distillery’s current leadership pair. As his dedication to tradition remains core to the ethos of the distillery, his legacy continues to reverberate throughout Arenal and the world of tequila.

Please note that this product is not currently in production, no more product is available at our warehouse.

  • 100% Blue Weber Agave Tequila
  • Pit Oven Roasted
  • Tahona Crushed
  • Use of Bagasse in Fermentation and Distillation
  • One-time Limited Batch of 225 L
  • Master Distiller Salvador Rosales

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