Paranubes Rum is made by wild fermenting the fresh pressed juice of sugarcane grown without pesticide or fertilizer in the rich soil of master distiller Jose Luis Carrera’s farm. Distilled to proof with no additives, this rum – or aguardiente de cañaas it’s known regionally, is exactly what you would find lost in the cloud forest of the Sierra Mazateca mountains of Oaxaca, Mexico.

  • Distilled to proof at 54% alc. vol
  • Jose Luis grows four different types of sugar cane on his 14 hectares: Caña Dulce, Caña Morada/Negra, Caña Dura, and Caña Amarilla/Criolla
  • Crushed by a mechanical press and the pulp filtered out, leaving 100% pure cane juice.
  • Fermentation is gravity-fed to one of two, 1,100-liter fermentation vats or tinas made out of pine wood. One of the most interesting things about Jose Luis’ method is that he only distills half of a single fermentation vat every morning and refills it that afternoon
  • Distillation in a copper column still

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