Suro International Importers, responsible for introducing some of Mexico’s finest spirits to the US, proudly announces the arrival of four Tequila Cascahuin expressions destined to kick the agave spirit conversation up a notch.

Cascahuin Distillery est. 1904 located in El Arenal Jalisco

Tequila Cascahuin is produced in its namesake distillery in El Arenal, Jalisco, MX, in the lowlands of Jalisco (NOM 1123). Distileria Cascahuin, a family establishment, is also home to Siembra Valles tequila, also imported by Suro Int’l.

The most disruptive of the four expressions is 80 proof Cascahuin Blanco. Using brick-oven roasted agave, bagasse in fermentation, and copper stills, Cascahuin Blanco has all the tools to compete with any “ultra-premium-quality” Blanco, with one eye-catching deviation: a reasonable price point. Cascahuin Blanco promises to be an in-demand well tequila at innumerable fine establishments, and a tasteful upgrade spirit for when Taco Tuesday doubles as date night. Beside the standard Blanco come two un-aged variations. Cascahuin Plata 48 is a high-proof (96) expression made specially for the discerning palates of the cocktail community. The juices extracted from the brick-oven-roasted agave is fermented with bagasse fibers from that same agave, enhancing flavor profiles and ensuring that the final product boasts the quality of its parent agave. The result is a distilled-to-proof tequila that’s capable of asserting itself in any cocktail, with enough complexity to be equally at home in a sipping glass.

The most adventurous of the un-aged trio is Cascahuin Tahona, characterized by the enhanced agave flavors brought out by the Tahona — a two-ton stone wheel that crushes the brick-oven-roasted agave to extract its sugars. The vast majority of the world’s tequila is produced using industrial steel mills that strip the agave of some natural flavors and have a drastic impact on the final product, and are much cheaper to operate.

The first aged expression from Cascahuin on US shelves will be the 86 proof Cascahuin Extra Añejo. Fermented sans bagasse and aged in American oak barrels, Cascahuin Extra Añejo prominently features caramel and vanilla notes, riding a gentle oakiness through a pleasantly prolonged finish.

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