Meet La Princesa de Etzatlán

Suro International adds to their portfolio of fine Mexican beverages a wild set of cocktail modifiers from the kitchen of Guadalajara resident Monica Leyva (dba La Princesa de Etzatlán). La Princesa’s brand, Pajarote, infuses — through fruits, spices and artwork — the essence of the circus into colorful (and delicious) elixirs of several natural flavors and blends.

A quick glance at a bottle (750ml) of Pajarote invokes images of vaudeville — a gigantic, hideous bird takes center stage atop a colorful label, and behind it, an enticing red potion beckons to be poured over ice and splashed with a highland tequila.

Each expression is either a labeled a Licor (clocking in at 35% abv) or a Ponche (15% abv).

In the 35% licor range are: Ginger, Clove & Cardamom, and a limited edition, terroir-centric Grapefruit & Rosemary blend made specially for pairing with Siembra Azul tequila. The Ginger (jengibre) and Clove & Cardamom (clavo y cardamomo) expressions are vegan. (The limited-edition Grapefruit & Rosemary expression is not vegan; the red coloring is derived from carminic acid found in insects.)

In the 15% ponche range is a Tamarind expression marked with tamarind’s signature sweetness.

The Ponche Tamarindo is also vegan.

click here to learn more about Monica’s company, Oma-Artesenales.

Suro International Importers is a Philadelphia-based importer of fine Mexican beverages, and the parent company of Siembra Spirits. In addition to Pajarote and Siembra, Suro Int’l imports mezcales from Don Mateo de la Sierra and Mezonte.

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