Lorenzo Virgen has more than 10 varieties of Agave on his land. On the horizon, you can see the Colima’s Volcano, the backdrop that for atleast 3 generations were taught before him, and where he is now teaching his grandsons and grandaughters how to make mezcal.

  • Over 10 different agave varietals
  • Produced in Chancuellar, Jalisco
  • underground pit oven
  • fermented with spring water
  • Distillation with Pine wood with Copper and Parota Wood

Batch Variation

As an artisanal product, batches will vary more often than traditional massed produced items. Below you can learn more about the differences between each batch.

Batch 1

Batch 2

Batch 3

Batch 4

47% Alc. Vol. Made with Agaves: Ixtero, Amarillo & Cenizo

46% Alc. Vol. Made with Agaves: Ixtero, Amarillo & Cenizo

47% Alc. Vol. Made with 6 different Agaves

45% Alc. Vol. Made with 11 different Agaves

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