The Vieyra Family

1840, The Vieyra family began their journey as maestro mezcaleros. For 6 generations. Mezcal in Michoacan is what they are known for. The brand is not named after the first maestro, but the 3rd generation, Emilio’s great great grandfather Mateo Rangel. Don Mateo fought and died for social causes. In remembrance of him, the Vieyra family continues to fight for these causes and change the industry the only way they can, through their actions. The Vieyra family uses sustainable field practices, like using cows and chickens as herbicides and pesticides and leaving the land as untouched as possible. Trees from their property were never cut or moved and the agaves are spaciously planted to avoid soil erosion in efforts to maintain a natural balance to the fields.

The terroir of Michoacan is characterized by its rivers; the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt with many active, dormant and extinct volcanoes; and the variety of forests from conifer to tropical. The Vieyra Vinata is cut into the side of a hill in the steep highlands above Morelia in the Rio Balsas region surrounded by temperate evergreen forest.

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