Siembra Valles Blanco

The first thing one notices about this tequila is the pristine color
and motion of the spirit. Siembra Valles starts with the silky texture
on the palette. Immediately, strong and sweet aromas of cooked
agave rise to the nose, that go from citrus to earthy. This prevalent
agave scent and taste is a reflection of the process at Cascahuin;
principally the use of bagasse in fermentation. This spirit coats
your mouth with dry spices, dates, figs, the buttery aroma of
orange blossoms, flowers and copper notes straight from the still.
The finish is dry, elegant, and complex; reminiscent of jasmine
and lime peel. Once the glass is empty, smell the strong cooked
agave and butter scents left.

This product is currently out of stock, but will be returning soon. Thank you for your patience.

  • NOM 1123
  • 100 % Blue Weber Agave from El Arenal, Jalisco
  • Master Distiller Salvador Rosales Torres
  • Brick oven roasting
  • Brick fermentation tanks with Bagasse
  • Distillation in Stainless Steel and Copper

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