Siembra Valles Ancestral

Siembra Valles Ancestral glazes the mouth with a soothing silky feel. Herbaceous tones and sweet, cooked agave dominate the forefront as undertones of pine, bitterness, and smokiness linger. Citric accents that are standard for Distilleria Cascahuin are present in the spirit and intensify after resting for about five minutes in a glass. The inviting aroma of orange blossoms and a warm earthy feel from the agaves roasted in an earthen pit oven add to the complexity of this expression. The finish is a combination of sweet, earthy, and herbal; boasting the complex flavors of agave untouched by machine.  

  • 100% Blue Weber Agave from El Arenal, Jalisco
  • Cooked in a underground stone pit oven
  • Hand Macerated
  • Wood Fermentation tanks with Bagasse and natural yeast
  • Wood Distillation
  • Master Distiller Salvador Rosales Torres
  • Rested in glass for 6 months

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