Don Mateo de la Sierra Alto

Don Mateo de la Sierra Alto is made with Agave Inaequidens or “maguey alto”. This species grows between 6000 and 8000 ft elevations.  This is a stunning agave with a broad rosette of green leaves and a diameter of up to 10 ft. It prefers temperate climates and does well with cold and frost. Traditionally, this species of agave has many uses.


This small-batch mezcal is pit roasted then chopped by hand and shredded. Using wooden fermentation and ambient yeast this mezcal truly captures the terroir of Pino Bonito. Distillation is traditional, Filipino style with Pine and Oyamel stills and spring water for adjustments.


Features a fresh scent of wet forest and earth with tones of citrus and the taste of a grass field.