Pedro Jimenez


Pedro Jiménez Gurría is Mezonte’s curator of agave distilled spirits and avid promoter agave spirits culture; working in the dissemination and preservation of the culture of agave spirits for years.

“I’d bring back mezcals from my trips but I was surprised that many people here had never tried a good mezcal. So I started putting on tasting sessions in my house for friends and it began to take off,” he explains.

“People started asking, ‘Why don’t you open a mezcalería?’ and I realized that would be the best way for us to have access to good mezcals.”

A few months later, Pedro opened Pare de Sufrir. Located in Guadalajara, Jalisco and features mezcals from all over Mexico, with an emphasis on Jalisco and Michoacán. This created an avenue for Pedro to demonstrate the vast possibilities that agave distilled spirits have to offer, and Mezonte was born.

Pedro is also a visual artist. His work reflects a nostalgic and reflexive inner state that is represented with poetic images that speak of rituals as a way of representing human existence. In 2012 he directed Viva Mezcal, a documentary that explores the significance of the spirit, the stories of those who have distilled it for generations, and the growing array of challenges they face today.

His work has been exhibited in different festivals around the world including Korea, Germany, France, United States, Canada, Peru, Chile, UK, Spain and Mexico.

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